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My name is Sung-ah BAE, I am from South Korea.
I've been practicing yoga since 2010, and been teaching in Paris since 2015.

I am a certified yoga teacher by RYT(Registered Yoga Teacher) Yoga Alliance 200h.
I am specialized in Vinyasa and Hatha, but not only. I also teach Restorative Yoga(Healing yoga) and Band yoga(Pilates).

I am offering the different level of yoga classes according to the students. From the beginners to the advanced. The private class will be modified according to your body conditions and your willings. I always to try to understand my students' needs and I do my best. I enjoy practicing yoga together, and I couldn't be happier with sharing my yoga knowledge and my experiences.

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I start and finish my yoga practice with meditation. I like to practice intensively and take a rest in the end. I'd serve you the private yoga class according to your condition and situation as well. I like to suggest you to practice regularly and understand yoga better. Yoga is not just about physical practice, but it's more about learning your self.

I am a practitioner and I could help from my experience. Because I am not the best yogi, I am making lots of effort.
After the yoga practice, I give a little neck massage to help my students relax in savasana.
I like to share my yoga knowledge and my experiences with all my respect.

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